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Everyday Should Be Saturday

You know that wonderful feeling you get when you wake up on your day off? No alarm... no place to be unless you want to be there... that free feeling of "what do I want to do today?"

That's how it feels every day when you live life on your terms. You decide each day how you want to spend your time.

We get it. Sometimes it’s hard to know exactly where to start. Should you flip houses? Buy rentals? What’s the first step? What do you do first? Maybe you don't know where to get the money. And what if you make a costly mistake? Investing in anything can be scary... if you don't know what you're doing.

While it seems easy, there are many ways you can get burned. And that's why it's important to learn how to invest in real estate both profitably and safely.

That's why we've made out courses available to everyone by making them affordable. For just $99, you can protect yourself while learning to make money so you can live life on your terms.

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There’s no need to spend thousands of dollars to get the knowledge and the money you need to make money investing in real estate. We’ve made it cost effective for everyone.  Get started for just $99.

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We’ve assembled a dream team of real estate experts including lawyers and brokers so you get the right information to invest both safely and profitably.  Multiple courses – multiple experts!


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"Insanity is doing the same thing over and over but expecting different results."

Albert Einstein, Famous Physicist


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Frequently Asked Questions

Each course is taught by a different expert. Depending on the experts at any given time, these experts may include lawyers, home builders, real estate agents and brokers, title agents and more. All experts go through rigorous interviews before they are allowed to teach for us and they must be actively doing the techniques they teach so you get the best of both worlds.  You get real experts with real world knowledge.

The Software Suite includes the Fix n’ Flip Analyzer, Rental Property/Commercial Analyzer. You get instant access to both when you sign up for the Investor Bundle which also includes all courses and funding. 

Yes. Most instructors hold 2 live classes each year. Class sizes are small so students can get personalized attention, but because of that, they fill up fast. So if you’re interested, you should book your spot ASAP.

Simply sign up for the Investor Bundle package. After sign up, you can immediately access all of our funding programs. There will be a link in your member dashboard to submit your deals for funding consideration.

We have several programs for your down payment including $250K unsecured line of credit at 0% APR for 9-15 months. If you don’t qualify, we will introduce you to our Partner Funding Network. While not every deal can be funded with a partner, we have established relationships with a network of wealthy people who want to partner with you on house flipping and rental property deals. Use our strategies to find good deals and we’ll work hard to find the money for those deals. Good deals attract money and we have those money sources lined up and waiting for you!

We want you to be happy. Therefore for the courses and software, we offer a no questions asked return policy within 30 days of purchase. Investor Bundle  is a non-refundable set up fee of $99 and is billed annually. Our LIVE! Seminars have a 30-day refund guarantee unless you’ve attended the seminar in which case the refund does not apply.  After 30 days, you can reschedule your seminar but we do not offer refunds. Read all of our policies here.