​About Investor Dream Team

We're on a mission to TRIPLE the income of 10,000 families in the next 3 years​!

If you're a new investor

We'll show you how to get started regardless of your situation in life and even if you have no money, credit or experience.

If you're a seasoned investor

We'll show you new tips and tricks to fine tune your business and help keep you one step ahead of your competitors.

9 Real Estate Courses

Different Jobs Require Different Tools

You wouldn’t remodel a house using just a hammer. You need different tools for different jobs. The same is true in real estate. You need different strategies for different situations and markets. That’s why we teach you 9 different strategies so you have the tools you need for any job!
Just $59.99 for all 9 courses.

Up to 100% Funding

We get it. We know that one of the biggest problems real estate investors face is finding money for deals. We also know that getting the down payment is often tough.  That’s why we put together the programs you need.  Apply for a $250K unsecured line of credit to use for down payments.  If you don’t qualify, we’ll connect you with partners who are already qualified and who want to partner with you. 

Money for Your Deals

Software Suite

Fix n' Flip, Rental Property & Commercial Property

Like you, we hate doing math. Not only is it time consuming, but until we developed this software, we were always unsure if we had left anything out, miscalculated or forgotten anything. It was scary because we know that one tiny mistake can mean the difference between big profits and no profits… or worse… losing money. So, we developed this software to use for our own deals. Now you can use it too! Let us do the math for you!

Investor Dream Team is team of real estate experts who have come together to create the most comprehensive online real estate investing courses and funding programs at rock bottom prices.


We provide all the tools and financing needed to invest in real estate and we make it affordable for everyone.

​We're on a mission to triple the income of 10,000 families in the next 3 years!

We deeply believe that time is our most precious commodity… one that should be spent wisely because we can never get it back. We can always make more money but we can never get back time.  Therefore we believe life shouldn’t be a grind.

We believe that work and making money can be fun and flexible. And we believe that it should give you the time and freedom to spend time with the ones you love, doing what you love to do.
We’re different because we give you the knowledge and the money to do deals.

We offer you a dream team of experts.  Our team uses the same techniques they teach and so do their clients. We know what works and what doesn’t!

​We know that in order to do deals, you need money. So, we’ve put together the programs you need including funding for the down payment.

​​We believe that our products should be extremely affordable. We don’t think you should have to donate blood or give an arm and a leg to have access to our expert real estate strategies. By keeping our prices low, we can help everyone and not just a select few.
  • WE ARE RESPONSIBLE - We only teach strategies we know work and that can be implemented.
  • WE TREAT YOUR MONEY LIKE OUR MONEY - We want you to make money & when we teach something, we imagine we are investing our own money. When you're successful, we've done our job right!
  • WE ARE "BOOTS ON THE GROUND" - We practice what we preach building our own portfolios & we change our approaches as markets change. We know what's going in the real estate markets and we know how to make money in those markets.
  • WE DO THE RIGHT THING - We strive to do the right thing and we honor our commitments and we make good on our promises.
  • WHEN WE DO SOMETHING, WE DO IT RIGHT - We don't do anything part way. We give it our all & we go the extra mile, every time.
  • WE TELL IT LIKE IT IS - We don't beat around the bush and we don't mince words. You may not like what we have to say, but we say it from a place of truth.
  • WE TEST BEFORE WE TEACH - We don't teach anything we haven't tried ourselves so we know how to do it right, and we know it works. Period!
  • WE HAVE FUN & LAUGH AT OURSELVES - Seriously, life's too short! And with some of us, there's a lot to laugh at... um... I mean laugh with.
  • WE STRIVE TO IMPROVE - Things change, and in order to change with them, we know we need to improve & educate ourselves, and we do just that.
  • WE OWN OUR MISTAKES - Well, we only had to do that one as it was the only mistake we've ever made... 😉
  • WE BELIEVE IN DREAMING BIG - We believe in setting the bar very high "because all of our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them. ~ Walt Disney~
  • TIME IS OUR MOST PRECIOUS COMMODITY - You can make more friends and you can make more money. But you'll never be able to make more time. Time is our absolute most precious commodity which should not be wasted. We commit to not wasting yours...

All of our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them.

Walt Disney, ​​​Iconic Businessman

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. You get all 9 online real estate courses including videos and downloads for a one-time fee of just $59.  You will never be billed monthly. That’s roughly $7 each. You can’t even buy a book for that.  You can access the courses in any order, at any time, on any device & even take several courses at once. 

The Software Suite includes the Fix n’ Flip Analyzer, Rental Property Analyzer and Commercial-Apartments Evaluator for just $39/mo. Or,  you can get all 3 for FREE when you sign up for the VIP Package with courses and funding for $159. The software is included as a free bonus with lifetime access.

Yes. Most instructors hold 2 LIVE! classes each year. Class sizes are small so students can get personalized attention, but because of that, they fill up fast. So if you’re interested, you should book your spot ASAP.

Simply sign up! It’s a low annual fee of just $99. After sign up, you can immediately access all of our funding programs. There will be a link in your member dashboard to submit your deals directly to our partners for funding consideration.

We have several funding programs for your down payment including a $250K unsecured line of credit at 0% APR for 9-15 months. If you don’t qualify, we will introduce you to our Partner Funding Network. While not every deal can be funded with a partner, we have established relationships with a network of wealthy people who want to partner with you on house flipping and rental property deals. Use our strategies to find good deals and we’ll work hard to find the money for those deals. Good deals attract money and we have those money sources lined up and waiting for you!

We want you to be happy. Therefore for the courses, LIVE! and software, we offer a no questions asked return policy within 30 days of purchase. Funding  is a non-refundable set up fee of $99 and is billed annually. You can cancel at any time. Read all of our policies here.