All Real Estate Deals Require Money

but it doesn't have to be
your money

Just $99


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Funding Partners Network – $99

Your 100% Funding Game Plan


Apply for $250K LOC at 0% APR for 9-15 months to use as down payment


If you qualify, getting the rest of the deal funded is easy


If you don't qualify, we will introduce you to our Funding Partners who are already qualified and who want to partner with you


Flip a house with your money partner and use your profits to fund the next deal by yourself

We have funding options for nearly every situation.

You find great deals and let us work to fund them!

Personal Assistance on Each Deal

It’s like getting free coaching...

Our Funding Partners will personally analyze your deal and work with you one-on-one to suggest the best funding solution regardless of your financial or credit situation.

They will also let you know when your deal is not a good one and they think you should walk away. Of course that's always your choice, but if the experts don't think you have a profitable deal, you probably don't have a profitable deal.

But at least you will have the help you need to give you the best chance to be successful!

Free Coaching

Investor Dream Team Reviews

You Find Great Deals!
our partners will Work to Fund Them!

WE WILL determine
the best funding solution
for your particular DEAL

Frequently Asked Questions

No.  We will refer you to our partners who will work with you personally.  You will work directly with them on all funding matters.

No. We have partnered with experienced professionals who have put programs together for every type of situation imaginable including down payment assistance. They will analyze your deals and let you know if the deal will qualify for funding.  If so, they will create a specific plan for financing regardless of your personal financial situation and work with you to obtain the funds you need.

Of course not.  You will be working with high net worth individuals and lending companies who will be using their own money to fund your deals.  The deals that they fund are at their sole discretion but we’re going to teach you to find deals that make sense and that they are likely to want to fund.  If they don’t want to fund a particular deal, it means you should think twice about that deal too as they are experienced professionals.

There is NO REFUND.  All sales are final. There is nothing to test – no tires to kick.  You find the right deals an they will work to fund them. 

Our Funding Partner Network will work with you to apply for your own financing for down payments based on programs described on this page. If for some reason you are not approved, you will be introduced to high net worth individuals who have expressed interest in partnering with investors like you.  The decision whether or not to work with you on any particular deal is at their sole discretion. When working with these people, in addition to getting money for the down payment, you will also be working with someone who is experienced which provides an extra layer of safety and review especially when you are just starting out. 

Access to our funding partners is $99 per year. Like all loans, each individual loan has its own additional costs.  Those costs will be disclosed by out Funding Partner Network upon approval for each loan.