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Flipping Houses

Learn to flip houses & buy a property to flip at the LIVE! event! Average flip profit 2017 was $68,143

Rental Property

Learn to create extra income buying rental property and buy a cash flowing rental property at the LIVE! event!

Commercial RE
& Private Money

Learn to buy apartments and raise private money from investors in one weekend and buy property at the event!

Knock It Out in 1 Weekend
& Walk Away with Your First Deal!

You Can't Hit a Homerun Sitting on the Bench...


We get it… You’re afraid to make a mistake so you keep taking more classes and reading more books.  And that’s smart because you need solid education so you don’t make a mistake.

But at some point, you have to step up to the plate and take a swing instead of practicing in the dugout.

You can’t even get a base hit, let alone hit a home run sitting on the bench.  That’s why we created these LIVE! education & buying events!

Let us cut through the clutter, teach you what you really need to know to successfully invest in real estate and help you actually do a deal by offering lucrative investments right at the event!

You don’t have to hit a homerun to make a huge difference in your life. All you need is a base hit. But you have to get off the bench…

Baseball Swing

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. The LIVE! events are about you going LIVE! with your first deal.  This is where the rubber meets the road. The Fix n’ Flip and Rental Property events will have actual hand-selected properties for sale at the event. The Probate Property and Tax Lien events will work with you online to find your first deals and the Private Money Lender event will connect you with investment partners and help you structure your deals with those partners.

The LIVE! seminars are 2 full days.  Some seminars have a third, optional day on another topic like No Money Down which can be added on.

Yes!  We will have experienced representatives at the LIVE! event to evaluate your plans and strategy and make suggestions for changes if necessary so you can be successful.

Our money partners will be at the LIVE! event to get you prequalified for funding.  If for some reason you don’t qualify, they will hook you up with a partner who is already qualified and who has expressed interest in partnering on deals.

You can refund your LIVE! purchase anytime within 30 days with no questions asked.  Once the 30-day time period has passed, you can use your credit toward any LIVE! event at any time.  It never expires.  If you book a LIVE! event and need to reschedule, you can apply your credit toward another LIVE! event as long as you log in to cancel through your user dashboard at least 48 hours before the scheduled event.


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