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While buying real estate is not rocket science, real estate investors should be careful to fully understand how to correctly value properties, how to use market analysis to understand the forces which drive those future values and cash flows up or down.

Not fully understanding the forces at work can lead to financial disaster as we saw during the great recession when millions of people lost their homes and their entire net worth . Don't let that be you.

Real estate is a relatively safe investment when made with proper knowledge and training. Many people have become millionaires and many more simply create extra passive income. Real estate is our investment of choice and the choice of many billionaires. And most real estate investors start investing with little to no money. We'll show you how.

With proper training on how to make money in both up and down markets, real estate can be your ticket to a better life with more time to spend doing what you want, not what you have to in order to survive.

11 Ways New Real Estate Investors Can Get Burned

  • Overpaying for the Property - Not Knowing How to Analyze
  • Overestimating After Repair Value when Flipping
  • Underestimating Rehab and Holding Costs when Flipping
  • Not Financing the Deal Properly & Running Out of Money
  • Not Timing the Market Correctly
  • Overestimating Current Rental Cash Flow or Future Cash Flows
  • Underestimating Ongoing Expenses in Rentals
  • Misinterpreting Supply & Demand Forces which Affect Occupancy & Vacancy
  • Not Understanding the Market Forces which Affect Future Value and Cash Flows
  • Using the Wrong Strategy for the Wrong Area
  • Not Knowing How to Do Proper Due Diligence
  • Not Conducting Proper Market Analysis
Online real estate courses $59

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Online real estate courses $59

Get All 8 Online Real Estate Courses!
Just $59

Online real estate courses $59

You Get All 8
Online Real Estate Courses! Just $59

Online real estate courses $59

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All Courses Include:

For beginners, all our real estate investing courses take you step by step and give you action items to help you buy your first investment property safely and profitably.

For seasoned investors, you will learn new tips and tricks for finding off-market real estate deals before the competition and how to finance as many deals as you want to do.

  • Text lessons (30-105 hours)
  • How-To Videos
  • Downloads - Forms, Checklists,
  • Formulas, Charts & Graphs
Online real Estate Courses
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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. You get all 8 online real estate courses including videos and downloads for a one-time fee of just $59. You will never be billed monthly. That’s roughly for $7 each course.  You can access the courses in any order, at any time, on any device & even take several courses at once.

The Software Suite includes the Fix n’ Flip Analyzer, Rental Property Analyzer and Commercial-Apartments Evaluator. You get all 3 FREE when you sign up for the VIP Courses & Funding Package for $159. The software is included as a bonus with lifetime access. Or, you can sign up separately for $39/mo.

Yes. Most instructors hold 2 live classes each year. Class sizes are small so students can get personalized attention, but because of that, they fill up fast. So if you’re interested, you should book your spot ASAP.

Simply sign up! It’s a low annual fee of just $99. You can apply for down payment funding, access fix n’ flip funding, rental property funding and even commercial funding. There will be a link in your member dashboard to submit your deals directly to our partners for funding consideration.

While not every deal can be funded with a partner, we have established relationships with a network of wealthy people who want to partner with you on house flipping and rental property deals. Use our strategies to find good deals and we’ll work hard to find the money for them. Good deals attract money and we have those money sources lined up and waiting for you!

We want you to be happy. Therefore for the courses and software, we offer a no questions asked return policy within 30 days of purchase. Funding  is a non-refundable set up fee of $99 and is billed annually. You can cancel at any time. Read all of our policies here.