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without using any of your own money?

Uncomfortable Asking People for Money?
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The Problems

  • 1. You want to invest in real estate but you don't have any money of your own and you're not sure where to start
  • 2. You don't anyone with money or how to find investors
  • 3. You don't know what to say to them once you do find them and you're a little shy
  • 4. Even if you found an investor, you don't know how to structure the deals and what's fair
  • 5. You've heard there are laws regarding this and you don't want to get into trouble
  • 6. You don't know why an investor would do business with a "newbie"
  • 7. You're uncomfortable asking people for money

The Solutions

  • 1. Most investors start out just like you. By doing a deal or 2 with others, you will have your own money for future deals
  • 2. Let an attorney with over $3B in private money deals under his belt show you how
  • 3. Let Jason show you step by step how to present your deals to get investors begging you to be in
  • 4. Learn from an attorney who's structured over $3 billion in private money deals
  • 5. This is why you need to learn from an attorney, not some "guru"
  • 6. Many private lenders are experienced investors themselves and can help guide you and the deal
  • 7. Get over it! Seriously... If your friend had a good deal that could make you a lot of money and didn't at least bring it to you, how would you feel? Investors want and need good deals. Find some!
Jason Powell, Esq.


Jason Powell, Esq.

Jason Powell is a real estate and securities attorney whose practice is focused on assisting real estate investors to raise money for their deals. He specializes in commercial real estate.

During his career, Jason has been involved in the closing of over 1,500 traditional and private money loans as well as commercial real estate transactions and has assisted hard money lenders, real estate investment companies and investors raise over $3 BILLION for real estate projects.

Jason represents private money lenders, mortgage note investment companies and real estate investors.  He is former general counsel to a nationwide hard money lender, where he was responsible for all legal, corporate and regulatory matters including the drafting of underwriting guidelines and oversight of the underwriting and closing departments. 

He is a partner at Cara Stone LLP. 

Oh… and Jason hates wearing ties!

Why Private Money Lenders Need You

It's common for real estate deals to be done through partnerships with others, especially commercial real estate. These partners are called private money lenders. While you may not think you know anyone with money, chances are you do.

But even smaller investors want to cash in on higher returns from real estate investments. They are tired of earning paltry returns from other investments and they are looking for ways to grow their own retirement savings and create wealth for their families.

There are many people out there with lots of money to invest who want to invest it for higher returns. Many have retirement accounts that are not earning as much as they could investing with you in real estate

Often investors are busy people who simply don’t have time to find and manage great rental or commercial properties or deals to fix and flip. By partnering with you to find and manage deals, these private money lenders can accomplish their goals and create wealth for their own families.

This is why you shouldn't be uncomfortable presenting your deals. If you truly know how to find great deals that offer great returns, you're not asking for money, you're providing a lucrative opportunity.

The key is to find great deals. By taking several of our courses, you will learn how to find the very best deals that your investors will beg you to let them be in. But the key is finding GREAT deals.

Private Money Lenders

"You're not asking for money. You're providing a lucrative opportunity for investors to make higher returns than they're probably getting now."

7 Deadly Mistakes You Don't Want to Make
when Working with Investors

Raising money from investors is subject to both federal and state laws.
If you violate these laws knowingly or not, you can be sued by the SEC and face huge fines or go to jail
even if you were just raising money from "Uncle Bob.

  • Not filing the proper paperwork with the government (if any)
  • Not Making the Proper Disclosures to Investors
  • Not Performing on Implied Promises
  • Overestimating Profits
  • Not Having a Proper Contract
  • Advertising Improperly
  • Filing Your Holding Entity in the Wrong State

It's really not that hard
if you just take a moment to learn how to do it right.
Jason takes you step by step through this exciting journey
to having as much money as you need to do all the deals you want!

The 3 Options

Learn by Trial & Error

You can spend a lot of time finding & watching hundreds of videos by so called "gurus" to try to piece together the information you need & hope you get good advice. But you'd be rolling the dice with your future and you still won't have a proven blueprint to actually do your first deal. And if you don't do it right, you could be in legal trouble

Do Nothing

You can decide that working with private money lenders is not for you & that you'd rather do all of your deals by yourself. But no matter how wealthy you are, you can't buy everything. Don't miss out on the best market in history and kick yourself when you look back realizing you missed the opportunity of a lifetime because you could have done more deals.

Take This Course

You can invest just $99 in your future and learn from a real estate and securities attorney who has been involved in over $3 billion in private money deals. And when you're done, if you follow the steps like a recipe, you will have found investors to work with for years to come. So... with no limits, how many deals will you do?


30 Day No Questions Asked Money-Back Guarantee

You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee.

If you’re not happy for any reason, just let us know within 30 days and we’ll issue a prompt refund, no questions asked.

Learn to Work with Private Money Lenders

This course will take you step by step to actually
buy your first property with private money lenders in as little as 60 days!

As you go through each section of the course there will be action steps for you to complete before moving to the next section.
By taking what you learn in each step and applying it to a real deal, you will be guided from beginning to end. If you follow the steps, at the end of the course, you will have successfully found investors for your deals

Why Pay for Expensive Seminars?
This $99 Course Includes

  • 5 Easy Modules including 64 Lessons
  • 6 How -To Videos
  • Action Steps in Each Module to Follow Like a Recipe to Flip Your First House
  • 8 Downloads - Forms, Checklists, Contracts

What You Will Learn

  • Introduction to Private Money Lending & Working with Investors
  • Getting Ready for Private Money
  • Building Your Real Estate Investing Dream Team
  • What Investors Want Most
  • The Risk for Investors
  • The Art of Self-Promotion
  • Creating a Website that Attracts Investors
  • Building Your Credibility Kit Even if You Have No Exprience
  • Using Social Media to Engage Investors
  • How to Effectively Use Email to Market to Investors
  • Networking Like a Pro!
  • Creating Your Elevator Pitch for Private Money
  • Where to Find Investors
  • How to Create Convincing Presentations that Lead to “Yes”
  • What Is the Portfolio Approach and Why You Should Be Using It
  • Private Money Presentation Section 1: Assets & Financials
  • Private Money Presentation Section 2: Property Valuation and Property Photos
  • Private Money Presentation Section 3: Insurance Bundle
  • Private Money Presentation Section 4: Title Policy/Payoff Report
  • Private Money Presentation Section 5: Repair Estimates & Inspections
  • Private Money Presentation Section 6: Timelines, Property Analysis & Exit Strategy
  • How to Present to Investors to Make Them Beg to Be in Your Deals
  • I Got an Appointment! What Should I Say?
  • I Found a Deal I Want to Present to an Investor. Now What?
  • Surefire Ways to Scare Investors Away
  • Look Through the Private Money Lender’s Eyes
  • The Pro’s and Con’s of Using Equity vs. Debt
  • Investing through a Self-Directed IRA/401k
  • What is a Self-Directed IRA or 401k?
  • The Benefits of Using a Self-Directed IRA or 401k
  • How to Establish a Self-Directed IRA or 401k
  • Rules When Using a Self-Directed IRA or 401k
  • Private Money Deal Structure 1: Private Money Lender Funds 50% of Acquisition & Rehab
  • Private Money Deal Structure 2: Private Money Lender Funds 100% of Acquisition But No Rehab
  • Private Money Deal Structure 3: Private Money Lender Funds 100% of Acquisition as Debt (Loan)
  • Private Money Deal Structure 4: Lender Funds 100% of Acquisition as Equity (Partnership)
  • Private Money BONUS Structure 5: LLC with Partner
  • 7 Must-Have Contract Provisions 
  • Closing the Deal
  • Structuring Your Deals as Tenants-in-Common
  • Forming Your Business Entity (LP, LLC, corp)
  • Raising Private Money as a Sole Proprietor
  • Raising Private Money as a General Partnership
  • Raising Private Money as a Corporation
  • Raising Private Money as a Limited Liability Company (LLC)
  • Raising Private Money as a Limited Partnership (LP)
  • Raising Private Money as a Limited Liability Limited Partnership (LLLP)
  • Raising Private Money in a Land Trust
  • 7 Reasons Why You Should Use Entities when Working with Investors
  • What the Heck Is a Security & Why Should You Care?
  • The Legal Definition of a Secuirty
  • If the Money Funds as Debt, Is That a Security?
  • Specific State Security Laws You Need to Know
  • Pooling Money for One Deal – Syndication
  • Pooling Money for Many Deals – Creating a Fund
  • What Kinds of Transactions Are Exempt from Securities Laws?
  • Legalease: Regulation D – Rule 504
  • Legalease: Regulation D – Rule 506
  • What to Do When Your  Investors Are in Different States
  • The Pro’s and Cons of a Pubic Offering
  • Everything You Need to Know about Crowdfunding

Course content is subject to change without notice.

Frequently Asked Questions

The short answer is experience.  Our experts have combined experience of more than $3 BILLION in deals.  We are not self-proclaimed gurus who flipped a house or bought a rental property an now claim to be experts.  WE ARE EXPERTS!!  We are lawyers, brokers, title reps, commercial agents. We are formally educated. We actively do what we teach for our own portfolios and we know what works and what is just plain B.S. We know what you need to know and we are no hype and no fluff.

Absolutely! We encourage you to learn about multiple investing strategies, ways of finding great deals and ways to fund deals. You can buy each course separately, or for just $99 more you can buy the entire course library. Just click Get Started in the upper right hand corner and choose the package that’s best for you.

No way! We want everyone to have access to our expert strategies and so we have purposely made the one-time cost to access all courses very low so it’s affordable for everyone.

​​​Both. The courses have text lessons, videos, downloads and action items for you complete toward doing your first deal.

​​​Yes!  In fact, it’s more common than you think. You find great deals and sell of pieces of them to investors thereby raising all of the money for the deals but keeping a percentage of ownership for yourself.  The key is to find GREAT DEALS so investors can earn high returns. That’s why we offer multiple courses. Be sure to take advantage of our discounted bulk pricing should you choose to purchase more than one course.

Yes! Funding deals can be one of the most challenging aspects for new investors to get started.  We get it.  We all started there. That’s why we have created strategic partnerships with funding sources. Upgrade to the Investor Bundle package and get access to funding and down payment sources is included as a free bonus. Our experts will work with you personally to find a solution to your funding needs regardless of your situation.

Yes! But Jason conducts just 3 seminars each year on private money/commercial real estate. He demands that we keep the class sizes small so you get personalized attention.  As you might imagine, because of this, his classes fill up fast. This LIVE! class is focused on DOING A FLIP HOUSE DEAL.  Buying opportunities and financing will be offered at the LIVE! event. Check dates for our upcoming seminars and get the personal help you need.

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