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Why Probate Is So Lucrative


After the probate is filed with the court, the Judge appoints an Executor to handle the estate. Often, that Executor has the full authority to sell assets without the court’s involvement.

To settle the estate and close the probate so the heirs can get paid, the Executor must first pay all creditors and taxes. But often, the estate is asset rich but cash poor.

In order to pay off creditors so the heirs can get paid, assets must be sold to generate cash. Most often this asset is real estate.

While the property is in probate, somebody has to pay monthly expenses like loan payments, taxes, insurance and maintenance so the property doesn’t go into foreclosure.

Also, many Executors live out of town. They don’t have local contacts and can’t meet with agents and other people to get the property sold. Many probate properties need work before they can be sold. All of these circumstances create a highly motivated seller and an opportunity for you.

US Probate Leads


US Probate Leads

Yes! You can learn from the actual source of the leads! US Probate Leads has been providing probate property leads and data to real estate investors for more than 16 years.  They cover more than 1,800 counties in every state. They are the experts to the experts and the most popular place where those experts get their own probate real estate leads.

As the main supplier of probate real estate leads to the industry, there is no greater authoritative source on how to buy probate property than US Probate Leads.  Now you can learn from a true professional who has seen it all and knows the ins and outs of buying probate real estate.  No hype, no fluff – Just actionable items for you to learn to how to buy probate property and profit in this ever growing niche.

Facts about Probate

  • 3 TRILLION in probate currently at the courthouses
  • Last year alone, over 1,130,755 probate homes were sold
  • 80% of all probates have real estate in them
  • 70% of those probate properties have no mortgage
  • 90% of Americans do not have a trust and their estates will go through probate
  • 99% of real estate investors have no idea these properties exist
  • Properties bought 30%-40% below market value

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Probate Opportunity to Increase over Next 20 Years

As long as people continue to die, there will always be probate. And the opportunity is only going to increase in the next 2 decades.

The baby boomers are the largest generation in American history​. And those baby boomers born 1941-1960, are of retirement age and beyond.

As they pass, boomers will pass along $27 trillion in the coming decades. Real estate will represent 80% of the wealth transferred.

We'll show you how to find probate properties. They are not listed on the MLS or on sites like Zillow so most other investors don't know about them.

This is an incredible opportunity to build wealth in a niche with virtually no competition as most real estate investors have no idea the opportunity exists let alone how to take advantage of it.

Probate Lady

The 3 Options

Learn by Trial & Error

You can spend a lot of time finding & watching hundreds of videos by so called "gurus" to try to piece together the information you need & hope you get good advice. But who knows if you'd be successful. You'd be rolling the dice with your future and you still won't have a proven blueprint to actually do your first deal. And if you lose money, how will you recover?

Do Nothing

You can decide that house flipping is not for you and that you don't want to be like tens of thousands of other real estate investors who are making an average of over $69,000 PER FLIP. But then you will miss out on the best market in history and kick yourself when you look back realizing you missed the opportunity of a lifetime.

Take This Course

You can invest just $99 in your future and learn from real experts with real credentials who are sought out and trusted by large corporations. You can learn from experts who've been there and done that. And when you're done, if you follow the steps like a recipe, you will cash your first big check from your flip house. So... what would you do with an extra $69,500?


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If you’re not happy for any reason, just let us know within 30 days and we’ll issue a prompt refund, no questions asked.

Getting Started with Probate Properties

This course will take you step by step to actually
flip your first house in as little as 90 days!

As you go through each section of the course there will be action steps for you to complete before moving to the next section.
By taking what you learn in each step and applying it to a real deal, you will be guided from beginning to end. If you follow the steps, at the end of the course, you will have successfully flipped your first house!

Why Pay for Expensive Seminars?
This $99 Course Includes

  • 6 Easy Modules including 79 Lessons
  • 6 How -To Videos
  • Action Steps in Each Module to Follow Like a Recipe to Flip Your First House
  • 19 Downloads - Forms, Checklists, Contracts

What You Will Learn

  • Introduction to Probate Real Estate
  • Why Buying Probate Property Is So Lucrative
  • Understanding Probate Basics
  • The 2 Types of Probate
  • The 3 Stages of the Probate Process
  • Why Some Trusts May Go through Probate
  • What Is a Personal Representative?
  • Motivations of the Personal Representative
  • Probate & Estate Planning Attorneys
  • Buying Probate Real Estate
  • What to Do with Personal Property
  • The 5 Ways to Find Probate Leads
  • Start at the Courthouse
  • Make Relationships with Probate & Estate Planning Attorneys
  • Buying Done-for-You Leads
  • Organizing Your Probate Leads
  • What to Look for in a Probate File
  • What to Look for in Probate Leads You Buy
  • Understanding 4 Basic Probate Documents
  • How to Find & Contact the Personal Representative
  • What to Say to the Personal Representative
  • What to Say to Attorneys
  • Negotiating Like a Pro
  • Building Rapport
  • Finding the Win-Win
  • Controlling the Negotiations
  • Submitting Offers that Get Accepted
  • Creating Your Investment Plan
  • Buy & Hold or Fix n’ Flip?
  • How Much Should You Offer?
  • Conducting the Initial Property Inspection
  • How to Conduct Comparative Market Analysis
  • Appraisal 101
  • How to Finance Probate Properties
  • Creative Deal Structures for Buying Probate Real Estate
  • No Money Down Techniques for Probate Properties
  • Using your IRA/401k to Buy Probate Property
  • Working with Private Investors
  • Does the Probate Property Have Assumable Financing?
  • Seller Financing for Probate Real Estate
  • Hard Money Lenders Will Finance Probate Property
  • Working with Portfolio Lenders
  • Get a HELOC, 2nd Mortgage or Blanket Loan
  • Get an FHA Loan to Buy Probate Real Estate
  • Using VA Loans to Buy Probate Property
  • Due Diligence for Probate Property
  • How to Uncover Secrets the Personal Representative Doesn’t Want You to Know
  • What to Specifically Look for in a Title Search when Buying Probate Property
  • Getting Proper Title to the Property when the Owner Has Passed Away
  • You Bought a Probate Property, Now What?
  • Getting Started Buying Probate Property
  • Quick Start Tasks
  • Getting Motivated

Course content is subject to change without notice.

Frequently Asked Questions

The short answer is experience.  Our experts have combined experience of more than $3 BILLION in deals.  We are not self-proclaimed gurus who flipped a house or bought a rental property an now claim to be experts.  WE ARE EXPERTS!!  We are lawyers, brokers, title reps, commercial agents. We are formally educated. We actively do what we teach for our own portfolios and we know what works and what is just plain B.S. We know what you need to know and we are no hype and no fluff.

Absolutely! We encourage you to learn about multiple investing strategies, ways of finding great deals and ways to fund deals. You can buy each course separately, or for just $99 more you can buy the entire course library. Just click Get Started in the upper right hand corner and choose the package that’s best for you.

No way! We want everyone to have access to our expert strategies and so we have purposely made the one-time cost to access all courses very low so it’s affordable for everyone.

​​​Both. The courses have text lessons, videos, downloads and action items for you complete toward doing your first deal.

​​​Yes!  In fact, it’s more common than you think. This course has several lessons dedicated to buying property without using your own money. But because there are so many ways to do it, we wrote an entire course on buying property with no money down. Be sure to take advantage of our discounted bulk pricing should you choose to purchase more than one course.

Yes! Funding deals can be one of the most challenging aspects for new investors to get started.  We get it.  We all started there. That’s why we have created strategic partnerships with funding sources. Upgrade to the Investor Bundle package and get access to funding and down payment sources is included as a free bonus. Our experts will work with you personally to find a solution to your funding needs regardless of your situation.

Yes! But Kayleigh conducts just 3 seminars each year on flipping houses. She demands that we keep the class sizes small so you get personalized attention.  As you might imagine, because of this, her classes fill up fast. This LIVE! class is focused on DOING A FLIP HOUSE DEAL.  Buying opportunities and financing will be offered at the LIVE! event. Check dates for our upcoming seminars and get the personal help you need.