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How Owning Income Property
Can Make You Rich

Imagine being able to buy an investment and have someone else pay for it. With income property, your tenants pay the mortgage for you and give you extra monthly cash flow.

Owning income property is the best way to quickly create extra steady passive income, secure your retirement and protect your family in case of job loss or disability because money comes in every month from rents whether you go to work or not.

In fact, by following the strategies for buying rental income property outlined in this course, you can even create enough passive rental income to replace your job completely if desired, in as little as 1-2 years.

Owning income property is safe because no matter what happens to the economy, people will always need a place to live. Checks from your investment properties come in whether you're on vacation, sick or even if you lose your job. Now that's a back up plan!

But in addition to constant monthly income, owning rental properties can make you rich. As property values go up and tenants pay down your mortgage, you build equity which can be used to buy even more rental property or to fund life's major events including kids going away to college, retirement, family vacations and more.

7 Common Mistakes
New Income Property Investors Make

Rental Income

Seems easy, right? Just buy a house and rent it out.
While income property can make you a lot of money
it's important to know which properties to buy and which to stay away from.
You don't want to buy properties you can't keep rented or which have too many expenses.



  • Overpay for the property when you buy it & you may never profit no matter what you do
  • Use the wrong financing and you may suffer negative cash flow
  • Discover an unexpected problem after you buy & you could be on the hook for tens of thousands of dollars
  • Buy in the wrong city or neighborhood and your cash flow could suffer and your property may not increase in value
  • Buy properties with the wrong mix of bedrooms and baths and you may not be able to rent the property
  • Rent to the wrong people and you may have to evict
  • Use the wrong pricing strategies and you could have prolonged vacancies or eave money on the table
  • Let us show you how to value income properties & negotiate the best deals
  • Learn which types of financing to use for each type of deal even if you don't have cash or credit
  • We will show you how to protect yourself even when unexpected issues arise (and they will)
  • Let us show you how to conduct expert market analysis to find the very best places to buy property
  • Learn how to analyze supply and demand an understand the demographics of your tenant base
  • Use our contracts! Don't spend thousands of dollars when these are included with the course! We'll show you how to screen tentnats using techniques that would make the FBI proud
  • We'll show you how to advertise like a pro and create competition among renters so they don't negotiate rental rates

We made all these mistakes and more when we were starting out.
But you don't have to. You can piggy back on our expertise
to shortcut your path to success & making money.


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You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee.

If you don’t find our software gives you deep insight into your deals, just let us know and we’ll issue a prompt refund, no questions asked

Dustin Heiner Rental Property


Dustin Heiner

Dustin Heiner is a best-selling author & real estate investor. He teaches people like you how he quit his job creating passive income from rental properties and how you can as well. Dustin has helped thousands of people live better lives by investing in rental properties.

Because of Dustin’s lifestyle, he gets to spend more time with his family and be independent. A doting husband and father of 4, Dustin never misses a family event even if it is on a weekday when others are working.

When they got married, Dustin and his wife made the decision to have her be a full time Mom instead of following a career path in accounting. After a lot of prayer and consideration, they realized that their children are precious and that you can’t get back time. But to do that, Dustin needed to find a way to make more money. Fast forward to today and the Heiner family is fully blessed to have be able to live off of the income from rental properties.

The 3 Options

Learn by Trial & Error

You can spend a lot of time finding & watching hundreds of videos by so called "gurus" to try to piece together the information you need & hope you get good advice. But who knows if you'd be successful. You'd be rolling the dice with your future and you still won't have a proven blueprint to actually do your first deal. And if you lose money, how will you recover?

Do Nothing

You can decide that owning rental property is not for you and that you don't want to earn extra income without working more and you're not interested in creating long-term wealth. But then you will miss out on the best market in history and kick yourself when you look back realizing you missed the opportunity of a lifetime. Don't look back and regret not taking advantage of this opportunity.

Take This Course

You can invest just $99 in your future and learn from real experts with real credentials who are sought out and trusted by large corporations. You can learn from experts who've been there and done that. And when you're done, if you follow the steps like a recipe, you will own your first cash flowing investment property. So... what will you do with your extra cash?

"We believe that there's a big opportunity here.
This could provide the opportunity to unstick people."
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Spencer Rascoff

Learn to Buy Income Property

This course will take you step by step to actually
buy your first rental house in as little as 90 days!

As you go through each section of the course there will be action steps for you to complete before moving to the next section.
By taking what you learn in each step and applying it to a real deal, you will be guided from beginning to end. If you follow the steps, at the end of the course, you will have successfully bought your first rental property!

Why Pay for Expensive Seminars?
This $99 Course Includes

  • 8 Easy Modules including 104 Lessons
  • 10 How -To Videos
  • Action Steps in Each Module to Follow Like a Recipe to Buy Your First Invesmtent Property
  • 10 Downloads - Forms, Checklists, Contracts

What You Will Learn

  • Introduction to Income Property Investing
  • How to Determine Your Income Property Investment Goals
  • The Benefits of Single Family Rentals
  • Should You Buy a Duplex, Triplex or Quadraplex Instead of a Single Family Rental?
  • Demographics of the Typical Tenant & What They Want in a Rental
  • Renting to Military Families
  • The Benefits of Renting to Students & Top College Towns for Buying Income Property
  • Understanding Neighborhoods and Property Classifications
  • Choosing the Best Markets to Buy Income Property
  • Properties to Avoid when Buying Investment Property
  • Should You Buy Rental Property Out of Town
  • Why New Construction Properties Make Great Rentals
  • How to Find Bargain Investment Properties
  • Why a Great Buyer’s Agent Is Crucial when Buying Rental Property
  • Searching Online for Income Property to Buy
  • Canvassing Neighborhoods
  • How to Find Motivated Sellers when Buying Rental Property
  • Mining For Sale by Owner (FSBO) Properties
  • How to Buy Rental Property Below Market Value through Probate
  • How to Buy Rental Property Below Market Value through Bankruptcy
  • How to Find Foreclosures before Everyone Else Does
  • Do Judicial or Non-judicial Foreclosures Make the Best Rental Property Deals?
  • How to Creatively Finance Preforeclosures
  • How to Know Which Foreclosure Auction Properties Will Be the Best Deals
  • Why REO’s Are the Safest Way to Buy Income Property
  • So… Which Stage of Foreclosure Is Best for Buying Investment Property?
  • How to Negotiate Like a Pro when Buying Investment Property
  • How to Build Rapport with Sellers
  • The 6 Types of Sellers and How to Negotiate with Each
  • How to Determine the Maximum Acquisition Price (MAP) for Any Income Property
  • Must-Have Contract Provisions when Buying Rental Property
  • Don’t Forget to Include Closing Costs for Income Properties
  • How to Write Offers that Get Accepted
  • How to Get Money Back at Closing when Buying Rental Properties
  • 12 Ways to Finance Investment Properties
  • No Money Down Techniques for Income Properties
  • Using Your IRA/401k to Buy Income Properties
  • Working with Private Investors to Buy Income Properties
  • Assumable Financing on Investment Properties
  • Seller Financing for Income Properties
  • Working with Hard Money Lenders when Buying Income Properties
  • Working with Portfolio Lenders when Buying Income Properties
  • Using HELOC’s, 2nd Mortgages, Blanket Loans to Buy Rental Property
  • Using FHA Loans to Buy Income Property
  • VA Loans for Buying Investment Properties
  • How to Conduct Expert Market Analysis for Income Property
  • It’s All About Supply and Demand
  • What Drives Rental Demand for Income Property
  • The Supply Side of the Income Property Equation
  • Understanding Real Estate Market Cycles for Investment Property
  • What Is the Rent to Income Ratio and How to Use It to Make Money
  • Why Percentage of Owner Occupied Homes in an Area Matters
  • Why Local School Ratings Affect Income Property Value
  • Why Crime Rates Affect Rental Property Values
  • Why Area Amenities & Jobs Create Rental Demand
  • Why “Base” Jobs Matter Most
  • How to Value Income Property
  • Using Comparative Market Analysis to Value Income Property
  • Appraisal 101 for Investment Property
  • Using Investor Dream Team’s Rental Property Calculator to Quickly & Easily Analyze Single Family Rentals
  • How to Project Future Cash Flow for Income Proprties
  • How to Determine Future Expenses for Income Properties
  • How to Use Return on Equity to determine whether to Hold, Sell or Refinance
  • Rules of Thumb to Weed out Multifamily Income Properties
  • Using the Cash Flow Model to Project Cash Flow 
  • Calculating Return on Investment Property (ROI)
  • How to Easily Calculate Return on Equity
  • Income Property Valuation by  Cost per Unit
  • Income Property Valuation by Price per Square Foot
  • Using the Gross Rent Multiplier to Compare Rental Property Investments
  • How to Calculate the Rent to Value Ratio
  • What Is Considered a Good Cap Rate?
  • The Net Present Value of Those Future Cash Flows Tells You the Maximum You Can afford to Pay for an Investment Property
  • How to Easily Calculate Internal Rate of Return (IRR)
  • Break-Even and Risk Analysis for Income Property
  • Using the Rental Property Calculator to Analyze Duplexes, Triplexes and Quadraplexes
  • The 4 Types of Due Diligence for Rental Properties
  • Financial Due Diligence for Rental Properties
  • Legal Due Diligence for Rental Properties
  • Physical Due Diligence for Rental Properties
  • Market Due Diligence for Rental Properties
  • How to Uncover Secrets the Seller Doesn’t Want You to Know
  • Why You Need a Professional Home Inspector when Buying Income Properties
  • What Drives Appreciation for Rental Property?
  • How to Force Appreciation in Your Rental Property Regardless of Market Conditions
  • Five Unique Ways to Your Rental Increase Property Value
  • The Pros & Cons of Adding Square Footage to Increase Rental Property Value
  • 5 Ways to Increase Cash Flow in Your Rental Properties
  • How to Increase Income in Investment Property
  • How to Minimize Vacancies in Your Income Property
  • How to Decrease Expenses in Investment Property
  • 4 Ways to Decrease Debt Service
  • Other Ways to Create Additional Income in Your Rental Property
  • Should You Hire a Property Management Company to Manage Your Rentals?
  • Advertising Your Income Property for Rent
  • How to Show Your Rental Property to Create Competition among Tenants
  • How to Screen a Tenant Like an FBI Agent
  • The Iron Clad Rental Lease
  • The Pro’s and Cons of Renting to Section 8 Tenants
  • What Makes Renters Stay Long-Term?
  • How to Raise Rents without Causing Your Tenants to Move
  • Landlord Tenant Laws by State
  • Choosing Landlord Software to Help You Manage Your Rental Property
  • Wealth Creation Strategies with Investment Property & the Power of Compounding
  • Maximizing Return on Equity (ROE) in Your Investment Properties
  • Should You Buy and Hold?
  • The “Snowballing” Wealth Creation Strategy for Income Properties
  • The “Bootstrapping” Wealth Creation Strategy for Income Properties
  • Using 1031 Exchanges to Avoid Paying Taxes when Selling Your Investment Property
  • What You Need to Know about Selling a Rental Property with Tenants in It

Course content is subject to change without notice.

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Rental Property Empire

Frequently Asked Questions

The short answer is experience.  Our experts have combined experience of more than $3 BILLION in deals.  We are not self-proclaimed gurus who flipped a house or bought a rental property an now claim to be experts.  WE ARE EXPERTS!!  We are lawyers, brokers, title reps, commercial agents. We are formally educated. We actively do what we teach for our own portfolios and we know what works and what is just plain B.S. We know what you need to know and we are no hype and no fluff.

Absolutely! We encourage you to learn about multiple investing strategies, ways of finding great deals and ways to fund deals. You can buy each course separately, or for just $99 more you can buy the entire course library. Just click Get Started in the upper right hand corner and choose the package that’s best for you.

No way! We want everyone to have access to our expert strategies and so we have purposely made the one-time cost to access all courses very low so it’s affordable for everyone.

​​​Both. The courses have text lessons, videos, downloads and action items for you complete toward doing your first deal.

​​​Yes!  In fact, it’s more common than you think. This course has several lessons dedicated to buying property without using your own money. But because there are so many ways to do it, we wrote an entire course on buying property with no money down. Be sure to take advantage of our discounted bulk pricing should you choose to purchase more than one course.

Yes! Funding deals can be one of the most challenging aspects for new investors to get started.  We get it.  We all started there. That’s why we have created strategic partnerships with funding sources. Upgrade to the Investor Bundle package and get access to funding and down payment sources is included as a free bonus. Our experts will work with you personally to find a solution to your funding needs regardless of your situation.

Yes! But Dustin conducts just 3 seminars each year on buying rental property. He demands that we keep the class sizes small so you get personalized attention.  As you might imagine, because of this, his classes fill up fast. This LIVE! class is focused on ACTUALLY BUYING RENTAL A PROPERTY.  Buying opportunities and financing will be offered at the LIVE! event. Check dates for our upcoming seminars and get the personal help you need.