​Jason Powell, Esq.

  • ​Private Money
  • IRA/401k Investing
  • Asset Protection
  • No Money Down Techniques
  • Bankruptcy Property Bargains
Jason Powell, Esq.

Helped Investors Raise

$ 800000 BILLION

Lending Transactions Closed


Jason's Favorite Quote

"I never lose. I either win or I learn."
- Nelson Mandela -

About Jason Powell, Esq.

Jason Powell is a real estate and securities attorney whose practice is focused on assisting real estate investors to raise money for their deals. He specializes in commercial real estate.

During his career, Jason has been involved in the closing of over 1,500 traditional and private money loans as well as commercial real estate transactions and has assisted hard money lenders, real estate investment companies and investors raise over $3 BILLION for real estate projects.

Jason represents private money lenders, mortgage note investment companies and real estate investors.  He is former general counsel to a nationwide hard money lender, where he was responsible for all legal, corporate and regulatory matters including the drafting of underwriting guidelines and oversight of the underwriting and closing departments. 

He is a partner at Cara Stone LLP. 

Oh… and Jason hates wearing ties!