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About US Probate Leads

US Probate Leads is a foremost expert on probate real estate. For over 16 years, US Probate Leads has been providing probate property leads in more than 1,800 counties and in every state. Should you request information for a county we don’t actively cover, we can quickly add that county to our repertoire and provide the quality leads you need to make money.

Unlike most probate lead companies, with US Probate Leads, you get executor phone numbers and decedent last known addresses in addition to the usual executor name and address. How do we do this?

They have a national network of highly trained researchers who actually visit the probate courts and do the tedious work for you. They literally go through the probate files one by one.

US Probate Leads is the only probate leads company that takes this approach. While painstaking and tedious, this is the only way to be sure the data they collect is both accurate and thorough.

But they don’t stop there.  Once the data is collected they go a step further validating it through national data aggregators to make sure they have the most accurate and thorough information.  They can even do a skip trace when necessary.  Because of this, you know the leads you get are pure gold.

If you are seeking the most accurate and thorough probate data in the country check them out at